Ford GT is Painfully Fast

I grew up in a General Motors town (not that one, not that one but that one); though I’m not loyal to the General I do have a healthy distaste toward Ford. It’s pretty easy: ignoring my own bias toward GM’s craptacular domestic products, Ford has never provided anything worth my interest. The F150 is made for me, as neither a contractor nor having a small penis; I’ve never possessed rohypnol, so the Mustang is out; I guess maybe the Focus could be interesting if I didn’t actually care about driving.


All this is to say that it pains me to acknowledge the GT. How could a company so painfully dumb-American produce something so gorgeous? It’s also faster than both a McLaren 675LT and Ferrari 458 Speciale. Seriously. It has a top speed of 216mph. And most insultingly? It’s doing it with a goddamn EcoBoost V6! It’s pumping out 647hp and 550lb-ft of torque.

Following the old adage of “if you don’t have anything snarky to say, don’t say it at all” (paraphrased), I’ll leave it at that.


Stupid Ford.


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