2018 Camry is…Exciting?

Ha, no, it’s not. But they’re certainly trying. Within a renewed commitment to build vehicles that offer more passion and performance, the breadwinner Camry is all-new for 2018. Having ingested enough coffee to keep from falling asleep while looking at the damn thing, the Toyota designers and engineers feel they have a winner.


Clearly from the school of more isn’t enough, the posturepedic of auto manufacturers has thrown it all at the wall: a multi-tiered grill, giant inserts for fog-lights, tail-lights that flow into brake-vents in a taste-defying manner, they’ve added it all in a desperate attempt to understand how to be interesting.

Equipped with either a 2.5L Dynamic Force inline-four or 3.5L V6, Toyota promises higher performance numbers, though specifics haven’t been released. Tethered to an all new eight-speed auto, fuel efficiency is expected to improve as well.


We will give them this: they are producing better looking vehicles than Subaru.


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