2018 Expedition Goes On Tin Can Diet

Ford has released some info on the upcoming Ford Expedition. Joining the F150 in shedding some weight, it’s moving to an aluminum body, helping to cut 300lbs of weight.That means the new model will require an average Expedition owner in the driver seat to match the weight of the current model (body-shaming, oh yeah!)


The carry-over 3.5L EcoBoost V6 has been massaged to produce more power and greater fuel efficiancy, but exact specs have yet to be released. The Terrain Management System from the Explorer is ported over to offer some off-road cred (humble-brag), and active shocks originally exclusive to Lincoln will be installed for the fist time on a Ford.

40 new features and nannies are to be included, from a button to drop both back rows for expanded storage to a shelving system in the back (great for off-roading.)


The new Expedition will be offered XLT, Limited and Platinum trim, with an XL variant for fleet use. Look for it this fall in grocery store parking lots.


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