2018 Elantra GT: Hot Hatch?

After coming up from cheap knock-off to actual contender, Hyundai now find themselves struggling with sales. Being unable to coast off of ultra-low prices, the South Korean company (and little sibling Kia) needs to define itself in a way to differentiate it’s offerings from the competitors.


Enter the 2018 Elantra GT: lower and wider than the previous model, and 22% stiffer thanks to some high-strength steel, this hatchback comes with a pedestrian 2.0L inline-four offering 162HP, or with a more fun 1.6L turbo four pumping out 201 horses. However, thanks to all the new steel in does weigh-in at 61lbs Lighter than the previous GT.


While not measuring up to the standard for hot hatches, the VW GTI, the Hyundai is a step in the right direction, offering more interior capacity than recent hatchbacks the Chevy Cruz and the Honda Civic Type-R. More importantly, it can be mated with a 6-speed manual (or a 7-speed automatic for wieners; the 2.0L has a 6-speed manual or auto for even bigger wienies.)


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