Cruze Diezel to Get 52MPG

Chevrolet have officially announced fuel economy for the 1.6L Turbo-Diesel four-banger: available with either a six-speed manual or nine-speed CVT…er, auto, the row-your-own gets 30MPG in the city and 52MPG on the highway while the never-stop-rowing auto is good for 31MPG city and 47MPG highway.

Though offering a measly 137HP the Cruze does offer an impressive 240 pounds of torque making it an ideal city-driver where highway passing speeds won’t be a concern. Though the engine will be available this year in sedan form, people with taste will have to wait for the 2018 model to get it in hatchback form.


Thankfully the Bowtie wasn’t dissuaded by Volkswagen’s tarnishing of oil burners and have gone ahead and offered a stick-shift, hatchback diesel. If they could bump the horsepower up and add all-wheel drive (they won’t) they’d have an enthusiasts dream. Instead, they do stand to benefit as VW’s diesel dreams go up in a black cloud of emissions. Hopefully the General can find the way to make diesel an attractive option in the North American market, as torque is a lot of fun.

Just a reminder that both GM and Toyota’s neglect resulted in the actual deaths of actual people yet their combined financial penalty doesn’t add up to what VW Group has had to pay out despite the lack of blood on their hands.



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