Mitsubishi Finally Find A Way

Ha! No they don’t. Instead, they’re reviving that not-quite-illustrious nameplate ‘Eclipse’, the perennial that-guy car, for a new crossover, because smart business decisions don’t seem to matter.

The original Eclipse which ran for four generations from 1989 to 2012 where sports coupes in a very general, and generous, way. They had two doors and the first two gens actually came with all-wheel drive (before settling on a front-engine/front-drive setup). The drop-top Spider (evocative of actual sports cars) was also available. Unfortunately, unlike the bug-fuck Lancer, Mitsu never really fitted the Eclipse with guts.

Mitsubishi Motors Names New Compact SUV: Eclipse Cross

Now, teeter-tottering on the precipice of irrelevancy, some schmuck executive at the company seems to think that attaching this name to a crossover is what’s needed to revive their fortunes.

To be fair, crossovers are hot right now as people are idiots (see: Trump is the president of the USA.) Still, it’s going to take something special for the Japenese brand to stand out in an already over-saturated market. Pehaps adding ‘Cross’ to the end of the name will be what it takes. It won’t, but maybe*.

Mitsubishi Motors Names New Compact SUV: Eclipse Cross


*But no.


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