Toyota 860 Looks Faster, Isn’t

Toyota is releasing a GT86 variant know as the Toyota 860 Special Edition. Addressing the only real concern for the current GT86 (and it’s Subaru sibling, the BRZ), namely it’s lack of power, Toyota’s bolted on some performance parts that are sure to add weight if not horsepower.


Available only in Supernova Orange or Halo White, the interior features orange-stitched black leather on the seats, steering wheel and throughout the dash. A 4.2″ features a G-force meter and a stopwatch, both of which allow owners to know exactly how much faster they aren’t going than those suckers driving the standard issue FT86.

Special 17″ alloy wheels, a unique underbody panel for improved aerodynamics, some black stripes and a spoiler certainly denote the intended winter driving that necessitates the heated side-view mirrors. They also don’t offer a bump in power.


But maybe we’re missing the point here: the argument for the GT86/BRZ/FR-S has been its balance of nimble driving, skinny tires and low-slung engine. Any more power, it’s defendants insist, and everything else would be thrown out of whack. Maybe this car is just Toyota doubling down on that philosophy (while finding a reason to get a few more dollars out of your pocket.) Perhaps such purity should be rewarded: spend more, get the same and some racing stripes: may the drivers’ car live on.


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