Audi to Introduce Q4, Cause Why Not?

Practicing the conservative-minded principle of ‘infinite growth’, Audi is looking to further bolster their lineup of SUVs and crossovers with the Q4, set for 2019. The evenly-numbered CUV will slot, surprisingly, between the Q3 and Q5.

Audi TT offroad concept

Further details are not yet available, leaving such questions as ‘why?’ and ‘seriously?’ unanswered, but the announcement does follow in the path of the Q2 in 2018, with a Q6 and Q8 both expected in the future.

Determined to follow fellow German rivals into whatever niche they can uncover and suffocate it with an over-abundance of unnecessary vehicles, Audi looks to be a proud enabler of the dysporia that is choking our culture with a glut of needless choice for the sake of consumption. But, as long as we keep buying forever, all will be fine.

audi q2


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