Musk Tweets Model 3 Details

Elon Musk has tweeted out some new info about the upcoming Model 3, Tesla’s hoped for volume seller. Seeking to clarify some misunderstandings, the billionaire used the social media platform instead of a more traditional press conference.

tesla model 3 2

It seems that much interest in the Model 3 comes from nerds, assuming that, like in the nerd-world of consumer tech products, a company’s new model is naturally an upgrade of the previous one. Musk stresses that with Tesla, this isn’t the case.

Whereas the Model S will be the flagship, featuring the greatest acceleration and tech, the Model 3 will instead simplify and minimize in a way to bring the car down to a more affordable price-point (about $35,000 US.) This sees the departure of the pop-out door handles and gullwing doors, the former a logistical nightmare when introduced on the Model X.

Most importantly, as it features a shorter wheel-base, the Model 3 can only accommodate the 75KW/H battery pack, limited by current battery technology. Therefore, despite its larger size and heavier weight, the Model S with the 100KW/H battery will still be faster.

tesla model 3 3

Also, in an effort to reduce potential problems, the Model 3 will ship only with the rear-wheel drive format before all-wheel drive is introduced in 6 months to a year.

Mileage is still unconfirmed, but Musk has hinted that it will best the Chevy Volt’s current 230 miles range.


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