Electrifying Hyundai News

Senior Vice-President of Hyundai, Lee Si-Kan, recently announced that Hyundai is developing a dedicated EV platform intended to underpin numerous Hyundai/Kia/Genesis models.


Expected to take at least a year to develop, Si-Kan promises close to 200 miles of range,and that the vehicles will be ‘more competitive’ than what is currently available (think a whole lot of options included in the base model.)

The EV platform will arrive with Hyundai badges before they decide to double-dip with Kia variants. The newly launched Genesis sub-brand will get a hybrid model in 2019 before a full electric model is launched in 2021, which is not at all too late to the party.


In the meantime, Hyundai are launching the Ioniq, a sedan available with three different engine setups: traditional hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric, all based of an existing powertrain. Kia will than be launching the Niro, a crossover built on the same platform.


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