Audi: More VW On the Inside, More Performance Badges On the Out

Audi, under threat of being homogenized by the ubiquitous VW AG platforms that will underlie all their vehicles, is staking their claim as a performance brand by introducing the Audi Sport nameplate.

To be introduced with the 2017 R8 V10 Spyder, the 2018 TT RS and 2017 RS3, the Sport badge will ensure that buyers purchasing at the high-end of the lineup can be confident that they’re…buying at the high-end of the lineup. Not too sure what kind of bragging rights an additional badge on a R8 offer.


As Audi becomes more and more the Volkswagen + AWD brand, it’s supposed that more slips of insecurity will pop out of the marketing department. Expect the announcement of the A4 “Totally Not A Stupid Jetta” edition shortly.



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