Lincoln Keep Trying, Not Sure Why

Lincoln (remember them?) have unveiled the 2018 Navigator at the New York Auto Show, and true to form it’s large and covered in chrome, appealing to those who confuse ‘shiny’ with ‘stylish.’

Thanks to extensive use of aluminum alloy, the Navigator has shaved off 200LBS, which still keeps it in the weight-class of ‘Chris Christie riding a triceratops.’ A turbocharged 3.5L V6 has the Sisyphean task of trying to move the bulk, though the ten-speed automatic transmission ensures it will take its time to get going.


Towing capacity has been increase, though no figures have been release, and it’s available in either rear-drive for the drifting set or all-wheel drive for those worried the Navigator won’t stay planted to the pavement.

Lincoln claim that the refreshed model features a greater emphasis on luxury with care paid attention to touchable surfaces around the interior. One can only assume they’re referring to chocolate glaze as a finish.



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