Baby F-Type Still Packs A Punch

Jaguar have opened the curtain on the next iteration of their winning F-Type sports coupe with the announcement that the Ingenium 2.0L inline-four, currently powering some Land Rovers, would be available as an option.

With a respectable 296HP and 295LB-FT of torque powering the rear wheels, the Jag reaches 60MPH in 5.4 seconds on it’s way to a top speed of 155MPH. Better yet, the four-banger weighs 115LBS lighter, with most of that weight coming off from over the front axle, bettering the overall balance.


The engine, bettered with a twin-scroll turbo tacked on, is also 16% more fuel efficient than the middle-brother V6, and is bolted to an eight-speed automatic which seems like a whole lotta gear changes on its way to top speed, but, hey, when have the Brits ever engineered a less than successful car (industry?)

With the general consensus already favoring the balance and poise of the V6 over the more powerful V8 variant, there’s plenty of reasons to believe that even with the power deficit the least powerful option will still offer plenty of fun.



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