2018 GT350 Gets No Upgrades

Suspiciously coinciding with Track Pants in a Coffee Shop Parking Lot Day, April 17th is also Mustang Day, for which Ford was reminded that they have new versions of both the GT350 and the GT350R to come out this year.

Both models hoist a 5.2L, naturally aspirated V8 (not Commie-turbos on this ‘Murican) worth 526HP and 429LB-FT of torque. 15.5″ two-piece calipers in the front and sic piston Brembos in the back help bring these pony cars to a halt, even with the added weight usually found in the driver’s seat.


Little else is new in the GT350/GT350R (the R stands for a word commonly used in childhood but no longer acceptable), but there are three new colours, The Trumpian Orange Fury, the Barackian Kona Blue and the unsettling Lead Foot Gray. Perhaps Rigamortis Purple will be on next year’s model.



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