VW: From ‘Poison the Skies’ to ‘Electrify America’

As part of their settlement for the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen has announced their ‘Electrify American’ initiative which sees (one of) the largest auto maker(s) spend their $2 billion in fines on themselves.

Having spoiled diesel engines for everyone, VW is now focusing their sights on ruining Tesla’s dominance in the EV market. Incidentally, this isn’t in building a lower-priced alternative (see the Chevy Bolt) but by providing drivers places to actually charge their vehicles once out and about. $300 million will go directly into 450 charging stations throughout eleven major cities, offering both 150KW and 320KW chargers that should take 15-20 minutes a charge.


This is part of a larger, ten-year expenditure in zero vehicle emissions infrastructure (so, solar, then?) and education that sees $800 million going to the state of California, the largest market for electric vehicles, and another $1.2 billion being spread across the rest of the United States.

Construction is set to start by the second half of this year with 2019 the expected finish date.



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