2018 iJag Announced

Jaguar are set to announce the 2018 I-Pace all-electric crossover at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Based on the concept introduced just last year, the vehicle is already 80% production ready and will be in showrooms by the second half of next year.

Taking about two hours to charge off a 50KW DC charge, the car will do the first 80% in 90 minutes. It’s expected to offer a driving range exceeding 300 miles, keeping it competitive with offerings from Tesla and General Motors.

2018 ipaceii

Now for the important stuff: With the two electric-motor setup from the concept, the I-Pace (the I stands for electric) will have an instantaneous 516Lb-FT of torque and 400HP on tap. Power will be fed by the two engines to all four wheels.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but it’s expected to cost ten to fifteen percent more than the F-Pace when it arrives.

2018 ipace


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