2017 Honda Type R Obviates Si

Honda’s upcoming Type R has just set a record for front-wheel drive cars at the German Nurburgring, and not for being the most over-designed, visually cluttered commercial vehicle (but it is, tho.)

Tearing around the 12.9 mile circuit in a mind-boggling 7:43.8, the Honda completed the lap less than a second behind a Corvette C6 Z01, and practically neck and neck with the Nissan GT-R’s lap from 2010. Luckily horrible design doesn’t necessarily imply poor aerodynamics.



With a 2.0L pumping out 306HP and 295LB-FT of torque, the unsightly Civic (a redundancy were there ever one) thanks a wider stance and tires and a new multi-link rear suspension with the ability to corner at greater speeds than the previous model, beating the previous Type R by almost seven seconds.

Honda still hasn’t announced pricing for the highest-level Civic, but it is known that the car will be hard to look at.



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