Cayman GT4 Gets Back to Basics

When the 2017 718 Boxster/Cayman was released it featured a turbo-four worth 300HP and 280LB-FT of torque (there was a non-turbo 3.4L worth 295HP/251LB-FT of torque, but the smaller turbo was the volume seller.) Would the more hardcore variants also house turbo-fours?

porsche gt4 ii

Porsche has announced that the upcoming Cayman GT4 will breath freely thanks to a naturally aspirated flat-six. The exact engine hasn’t been announced, but rumour has it that the 4L engine from the 911 GT3 will be dropped in. It’s noted that that engine is currently pumping out 500HP.

porsche gt4

Finally, Porsche are going to continue to woo back proper enthusiasts by providing the three-pedal transmission as the standard transmission. The lauded PDK dual-clutch auto will be an option, but only for weenies.


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