Mazda Announce Diesel, Don’t Mention Cheating

Years ago already Mazda had announced that they were developing their own diesel engine. Announcements about breakthroughs in weight reduction and compression were made but eventually the fanfare faded. 

Mazda are shaking things back up by announcing that their popular CX-5 crossover will get a diesel option. No word on if other vehicles could get this engine.


Stats for the 2.2L Skyactiv-D engine have yet to be announced, but it should feature the impressive levels of torque associated with oil burners. No word yet if any turbos will be added to help keep the acceleration lively.


What will be especially interesting will be the markets’ reaction. Diesel, as you’ll remember, was having a brief renaissance before Volkswagen was caught pouring emissions in everyone’s coffee cup. They were sued for, like, all the money, went out of business and were never heard from again.

BMW dealt with some issues regarding their diesel engines in the X5 while Mercedes is currently being looked at with side-eye by German investigators. The United States government is getting set to sue Fiat-Chrysler over their own diesel emissions scandal, but that’s more just to get attention, like a toddler peeing on themselves.



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