Lincoln Buyers Are Loyal, Old

Much in the same way that bingo and oatmeal continue to find an audience, Ford’s aging luxury sub-brand Lincoln has found itself a loyal and committed following. At least until they die of old age sometime this decade.

With a sales increase of 6% on the year, Lincoln is outpacing the overall luxury market increase of 2%. Sales of their MKC, MKS and MKZ have been strong and should only increase with the upcoming Navigator refresh.


Much of this has been credited to Lincoln’s pickup and delivery service. When scheduled maintenance is needed a Lincoln rep will drive to the customers house, pickup their car while leaving a loaner and bring it in for service. After the necessary work and a car wash, the vehicle is returned without the driver having to go out into that crowded scary world.

What’s probably a more likely cause, however, is that there’s security in familiarity, and change is scary. Sometimes we just need a car as consistent and non-threatening as a bowl of oatmeal.



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