Tesla Announce Model Y Production

Tesla has announced that they’re on schedule to begin production of the Model Y crossover to by late 2019. Or maybe early 2020. With Tesla these timeframes are flexible.

Originally slated to be built off of the Model 3 platform, the Model Y will now actually be purpose built from the ground up. Elon Musk has said that the vehicle will move away from the 12-volt battery, allowing them to simplify construction and cut down on the wiring.

model y ii

The Model Y will fill the burgeoning crossover segment, helping complete the Tesla line-up. With the large sedan Model S, small sedan Model 3 and whatever the Model X is (what is it? Ugly), plus the upcoming Tesla semi truck, the Silicon Valley brand is on their way to a providing a complete set of options for consumers.

Note the teaser image has no side-view mirrors. One can only assume that they’re actuated and only pop-out when needed.



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