Mitsubishi to Evolve Again. Eventually

Remember Mitsubishi? They were that other Japanese rally racer with perennial Subaru STi competitor. This souped-up Lancer was introduced in 1992 before being neglected to death in 2015.

Anyway, Mitsubishi just remembered about it, too.

Global lead Trevor Mann recently spoke with Australia’s Motoring about the once famed rally rocket stating the a new Evo is in the company’s long-term plans. Unfortunately, he admits, it’s about six years away, and one can only wonder what new car platforms are going to look like by then.


He did say that the company is looking for a halo car to shine down on the brand, currently known for small economy cars than sports sedans. With a current lineup compromised of small SUV’s and smaller city cars it’s uncertain how that would be reflected in a halo car.

The last version of the Lancer Evolution was the 2015 Lancer Final Edition, the definitively-titled sedan featuring a 2.0L turbo worth 303HP and 305LB-FT of torque.

2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition

The only new vehicle announced in the short-term is the upcoming Eclipse Cross. No word on how else they plan on keeping people interested for the next half-decade or so.


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