Fisker Motors Get Emo

Fisker motors CEO and namesake Henrik Fisker jumped the gun and officials unveiled the new Emotion small electric sedan. Originally intended to be announced June 30, the anxious head boss went to Twitter to announce the vehicle June 12.

While many believe the 2019 model to be nothing more than a Tesla Model 3 with a different front-end, the electric cart has some impressive features to show off.


With a 400 mile driving range, a new charger system allows 100 miles worth of distance available in just nine minutes. Why you can’t just do this four times in a row until you get a full charge has not been addressed. Maybe they haven’t considered that themselves.

Starting at $129,900, the Emotion certainly isn’t a Model 3. Whether it’s worth three Model 3’s remains to be seen. Reservations will start to be collected June 30, as not to make that date feel bad.




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