I-Pace Is In I-Production

That sleek and sexy Jaguar I-Pace we mentioned a couple of weeks back has been revealed to already be in production.

It turns out that the curvy electric crossover was co-developed with Magna-Steyr, who are currently building it in Austria.

Talking with Automotive News, head of Vehicle Technology and Engineering with Magna, Karl-Friedrich Stracke talked about the unconventional process that brought the vehicle from conception to production so quickly.

jag ipace

As Jaguar Land Rover engineers built the vehicle, Magna-Steyr worked alongside them, figuring out the production process and giving their input at every step. While probably super-annoying to work with, this allowed a quick turnaround from sketch pad to factory floor.

While not officially unveiled until the 2017 Frankfurt Mo’ Sho’ this September, we know that the small SUV has a 90KWH battery worth 400HP and 516LB-FT of torque and good for 220 miles.


Technically it competes with the Tesla Model X in that they are both electric crossovers in a similar price range, but in truth, international decree has anyone choosing the Model X over this being shot in the face.


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