Tesla Model 3 Enters Production; Isn’t Late

It seems that Tesla has learned a few things about meeting deadlines. After the Model S had it’s production date pushed back repeatedly, to say nothing of the delays that plagued the Model X, Musk and Co seem to have gotten the hang of the manufacturing process.

Set to compete with the Chevrolet Bolt (before the Bolt had even entered the race), the current smallest Tesla has a 60KW/H battery and a brand-new powertrain and can manage 215 miles per charge. In a bid to keep the 1% satisfied, Model 3 owners will have to pay for use of Tesla’s Supercharger network like the peasants they are.

tesla model 3 3

Serial number one is expected to roll off the line this Friday. 100 models are expected to be completed in August, rolling out to a larger output of 1500 vehicles for September before reaching 20,000 a month by December. This will help the Silicon Valley company fulfill it’s 400,000 preorders.

With the Model S and Model X currently on the market and the aforementioned Model 3 as well as Tesla’s upcoming all-electric semi, the company hopes to reach 500,000 overall sales for 2018.

tesla model 3 2


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