Lotus Announce New Car: Variant of Old Car

Idealistic British car company Lotus has announced a new version of the Evora. Considered the most powerful road-going Lotus ever, the GT430 promises to pack a ton of fun in a tiny package.

This little rocket houses a 3.5L supercharged and charge cooled V6 offering up the namesake 430HP and 325LB-FT of torque. Considering Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s dictum of “add lightness” and you have a highly-powered, 2700LBS’s worth of carbon fibre to die in.

evora gt 2

To help keep the car manageable, Lotus have engineered 551LBS of downforce through the application of (*takes a breath*): exposed carbon weave finish, large front apertures, louvres above the front tires, air blades, a carbon fibre splitter, rear wheel aero ducts, a bigass rear diffuser and a silly carbon fibre wing on the back to ensure nobody takes things too seriously.

Available Sparco seats are carbon-backed, a rear titanium frame is available and both seats can be equipped with four-point harnesses. You’ll prolly want these.

Now, since Lotus is a small company and doesn’t really have the benefit of things like ‘economy of scale’ or even a ‘budget,’ the company plans on building only 6o of these death traps.

evora gt 3

Like most things Lotus, the GT430 is wildly impractical, wholly unnecessary, and blessedly real.


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