Elantra GTI RS?

As reported on earlier, Hyundai have been planning a more powerful version of their otherwise anemic Elantra GT. Set to compete against the VW GTI and Focus RS, Hyundai have now released details on their entrant in the hot hatch category.

The i30N is the first offering from Hyundai’s ‘N’ performance line, as the Genesis lineup resulted from their attempt at a luxury brand, increased performance notwithstanding.

The N may refer to Namyang, the Korean location of their global R&D track or it may refer to the Nurburgring, the famed German test-track where the i30N logged 6000 miles during testing. It may even stand for Niiice. Who knows? Honestly, who really cares. The important thing is the performance.


Built around a turbo 2.0L inline-four, the i30N is good for 247HP which manages 0-62MPH in 6.4 seconds in base form. It’s equipped with a six-speed slushbox and has a lowered ride-height and variable exhaust if you want to be a dick with a loud car.

Taking advantage of the N-designated performance line comes the Performance Package add-on. This allows the hatchback to hit 62MPH in 6.1 seconds thanks to its 271HP-tuned engine.

Think of the base 130N as the Civic Si to the 130N Performance’s package’s Type R, but with both getting M badges.


It’ll be interesting to watch Hyundai’s foray into the hot hatch world. Let’s see how it holds up when it competes head-to-head with its German and American rivals.


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