Genesis Offers Virtual Owner’s Manual

Over the years the increased complexity in auto engineering has drastically reduced the work an owner can perform themselves. The reliance on computers alone requires more specialized (and proprietary) equipment than you’re average home garage has.

Hyundai off-shoot Genesis has a novel approach to this dilemma: with a downloadable smartphone app, you can know use your phone’s camera to identify engine parts and be supplied with repair instructions.


Available on the G80 and G90 sedans, and to be available on all other 2018 and on vehicles, the Genesis Virtual Guide offers the vehicle’s owner a guided tour of the engine bay. Position the camera toward the engine and the app will provide the relevant labeling and options for repair instructions.

Bring the phone inside the vehicle and the app will continue to recognize the environment for you. Not sure what the array of buttons on the center console are for? Point the GVG at it and get your answer.

There’s no word yet on how much leeway dealers will allow leasers to work on their own vehicle. Just because you can identify and get a Wiki summary on the repairs doesn’t mean that you’re able to properly perform the maintenance work.

genesis virtual guide

On the other hand, if this allows owners to cut down on their service visits for minor work, than all the better.

No word yet on Pokemon Go integration.



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