Mazda To Ditch Spark Plugs

The folks at Mazda have announced a new internal combustion announcement engine for their upcoming vehicles. Known as the Skyactiv-X, the gas-burners will use a spark plug-less method of ignition known as Spark Controlled Compression Ignition.

Essentially what Mazda have done is built an engine that uses piston compression to ignite the air and fuel mixture to create combustion. This forgoes spark plugs to create a more powerful and fuel efficient engine.


Helped along by a supercharger, the Skyactiv-X will offer 10-30% more torque than the current Skyactiv-G engines. Fuel economy will also improve by 20-30%.

Mazda had originally spent the last few years developing a diesel engine, soon to be available on the CX-5, but thanks to some duplicitous Germans, they’re taking a more cautious approach to their future powertrains.


While the extra torque is appreciated, what we really want is word on when the Speed3 will be making a return, spark plugs or not.


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