Acura Continue Exercise in Futility

Remember Acura? They’re like Honda but more expensive but just as stupid. Whereas Honda seems to have embraced this whole ‘what a hyperactive child thinks future cars will look like’ design approach, Acura has doubled-down on their ‘how long can you look at it for’ styling.

Last year their flagship sedan, the RLX, sold 106 units in July. This year, they sold 64. That’s not a lot. Probably because the car is ugly, but maybe also because it’s stupid.

To help reverse their fortunes, Acura is pinning their turnaround on a new front grill. Going with a petangonal grill, they feel they’ve found the recipe to get buyers back in the showrooms.


To be fair, they have offered an upgrade in the engine. The base 3.5L V6 is good for 310HP, even if the CVT-like ten-speed automatic will spend all it’s time rowing through gears.

However, a more powerful and considerably more complex 377HP engine is available. A hybrid powertrain offering three (three!) electric engines will be sure to cause massive maintenance-related headaches.

That new grill, though.




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