BMW Still Doing BMW

Because of course they have, BMW have introduced the ‘sportier’ and ‘sleeker’ alternative to their small crossover, the X1: the X2.

Riding the same wheelbase as the X1, the X2 is actually both shorter (by 3.8″) and lower (by 2.8″). Whereas the X1 is meant to be a small crossover, the X2 offers…a different small crossover experience, I guess.


Look, BMW is ridiculous. From introducing the 4-Series, to introducing variations of the 4-Series to everything else they’ve done, they have far passed the point of absurdity. Imagine being the salesperson responsible for having to constantly differentiate these products to confused customers.

Anyway, the X2 houses a 2.0L inline-four running through an 8-speed automatic and all four wheels thanks to their proprietary XDrive technology. The engine is good for 228HP and 258LB-FT of torque.


Price has yet to be announced, but it is expected for spring 2018.


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