Focus RS Gets Drift Stick

Ford is, by and large, a brand for louts. Whether it’s the inadequacy-profiler of the F-Series pickup trucks or the misguide bravado of the Mustang, Ford’s make simple statements for dumb people.Yet, for all their nurturing of the low-brow, they have been doing some pretty amazing things on the sly.

Beyond their tepid crossover’s and nearly non-existent sedan sit their, well, sit the Focus and Fiesta. Now, on their own, these car’s aren’t very good.



Ford’ Performance division has been doing some unexpectedly great modifications to these cars. With the Focus RS and Fiesta ST, Ford’s built anti-social cars for people who like to drive sideways.

That’s pretty impressive from the company who only recently decided to ditch the live rear-axle in the Mustang.

Developed with input from drift star Ken Block, the cars use trick electronic slip-differentials to create some excitement out of their otherwise tedious packages.

Ford Performance Drift Stick

Adding to the WTFness of it all is the announcement that, starting December 1st, Ford Performance will be adding a Drift Stick to the Focus RS.

Replacing the standard hand-brake, the Drift Stick opens the clutch on the rear-axle and locks the rear brakes. This allows the driver to easily get the car sideways while feeling rad as fuck.

Though meant for the track, the Drift Stick will make parking-lot driving considerably more fun, for only $999.

Maybe Ford should spend less time focusing on people with something to prove, and more on those looking for fun.


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