Tesla Travel Back to the Future

While officially unveiling the previously teased all-electric semi, Tesla shocked the room by all introducing their forth-coming update to their original vehicle, the Roadster.

While not technically a roadster, in that it’s a targa and not a drop-top, the Roadster makes a massive step forward from the model originally introduced in 2008. That one was a Lotus Elise retro-fitted with a massive amount of wired-together cell phone batteries powering it.


The new one, expected in 2020, will feature a 200KW/H battery pack good for a whopping 620 miles of travel on a single charge. This is housed in a Tesla-built chassis, and features a single motor up front and two motors in the back.

More importantly, the Roadster will hit 60MPH from a stand still in 1.9 seconds, which, if true, would make it the fastest production car on the market.

What remains to be seen is if Tesla will even make it far enough to bring the Roadster into production Their future hinges on the success of their just-launched Model 3, which is currently struggling to meet demand.


That hasn’t stopped future buyers from dropping $50, 000 deposits to ensure their opportunity to buy the $250, 000 car in three years (at least) time.


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