Lexus Still Wants to Be Interesting

Lexus has long been an issue. For the longest time they were simply Toyotas for dicks who wanted people to know they were better than Toyotas. Then, they introduced that stupid-ass spindle front grill and the F performance line in an effort to appear more athletic.

That’s not entirely fair: Lexus does offer a premium level of comfort and safety in the most boring way possible. Like Toyota, but pricier.

lc f coupe 2

Despite all this, the LC500 is a legitimate vehicle. That grill is still stupid, but it kinds of works in the context of the overwrought design. The 471 horses living under the hood helped, too.

So consider us surprised to see the upcoming LC F Coupe will be armed with a twin-turbo eight-banger pumping out 621HP. It’ll also weigh less overall thanks to extensive carbon fibre use.

Crazy, right?

Somehow, it’s probably still boring, too.

lc f coupe


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