Ford: The Other Side of Things

Our last post was a reluctant ode to the job Ford’s development of true-blue sporty vehicles. Despite a lifelong bias against the Blue Oval for purely geographic reasons, to say nothing of my complete lack of interest in most of their vehicles, it was important to recognize and acknowledge the existence of the Focus RS and the Fiesta ST.

Thank god they provided us with an opportunity to balance out my judgement’s karma.

Ford’s already been having to recall a number of vehicles due to engine issues. However, as recalls have become commonplace in the market, this hasn’t drastically reduced their value when compared to their equally recalled competition.

fire mustang

Thankfully, these same engine issues were the catalyst for a viral story of embarrassment: 13 police vehicles in West Palm Beach have been found on the road dead.

This helps bring unwanted attention on the Michigan-based company. It also allows us, in these sensitive Blue Lives Matter times, to laugh at the police.

Though they not all the same model, they do all share the same engine.

The police department had suspected possible espionage, but it was, in fact, incompetence.


This echoes events this past July when several police departments reported their Police Interceptors leaking carbon monoxide into the cabin, which is a mixed bag of an issue.

Like the ancient proverb says, it’s a good day when Ford’s embarrassed and the police are inconvenienced.



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