Another Beautiful Buick Concept

Buick, like their neighbors at Cadillac, are great at making concept cars. Their Avista is an all-timer; the Avenir, a unique take on that silly fastback-sedan thing that the German’s keep doing; and the Roadmaster, which would immediately obviate the continued existence of Chrysler.

One thing these all have in common is that they are in no way reflected in the products currently on offer.

Joining the tease-club is the (poorly named) Buick Enspire Concept. Officially to be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show (China being the raison d’être for the brand), it will be an all-electric SUV.

Buick Enspire Concept

Promising a four second 0-60mp/h, the battery-powered Buick will boast 550hp and a 370 mile range (it won’t, cause Buick won’t actually build this. They’ll probably do an electric SUV at some point, but it won’t be rad like this. Won’t be 550hp, either. But let’s continue) and will charge up to 80% in 40 minutes.

The inside utilizes a ‘surround skyline’ theme and features a lot of natural wood grain and microfibre. It will also feature a ton of tech that doesn’t necessarily need to exist, since this is all run of a 5G network that doesn’t exist. Much like the Buick Enspire Concept.

Inside the Buick Enspire Concept

Looks good, though.


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