Mercedes-Maybach Go Questionable

Since making Maybach a sub-brand under their main brand, Mercedes haven’t really done much to capitalize on ultra-lux company. They have their Avengers-style task-force, the Maybach Music Group, promoting their brand of social order, but other than that, nada.

Maybe that’s been for the best.

Prior to it’s unveiling at the Beijing Auto Show, pics have been leaked of the upcoming Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept (catchy name, that.) It’s, uh, well…distinct, I suppose. It’s definitely distinct.

Stupid Mercedes-Mayback Grill

Trying to bridge the best aspects of a sedan (which is, apparently, that low trunk?) with an SUV (that it looks stupid?) comes this bulbous, misshapen high-rider. From Maybach. That’d be like Bentley releasing the Juke (or Aston Martin releasing a Toyota iQ.)

Now, it’s reported to produce 738hp from four electric motors, which will allow you to quickly speed away from the jeers and laughter of your neighbors. An 80-kWh battery pack good for getting you 310 miles closer to anywhere that thinks this may be a good idea.

Inside the Mercedes-Maybach

It’s hard to determine what’s most egregious here, but it probably comes down to either that stupid trunk-deck or the gigantic grill. The trunk lacks the space that ‘justifies’ why people choose SUVs, while that dumb grill well help cool…what? There’s no internal combustion engine up there. Can’t be for style, cause look at it.

The interior’s probably super-nice, though. Seats clothed with the soft flesh of poor children raised veal-style, maybe. Something to justify sticking a Maybach badge on such a disaster.


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