BMW 3 Series GT to GTFO

BMW has gotten ridiculous with their product offerings. They took their cue from Mercedes offensive ‘four-door coupe’ lead and introduced a reckless number of variants to flood their lineup.

Whether it’s renaming the 3 Series coupe as the 4 Series (because it has, uh,  four doors?) to offering a Gran Coupe version of the 4 Series that turns it back into a sedan (the first person to say four-door coupe gets a smack across their filthy mouth.)

Case in point: the GT series. BMW decided that offering coupe, sedan, and wagon versions didn’t quite cover everyone’s needs (note: yes they did), they decided to also offer a sportsback version, essentially deforming the sedan’s lines by stretching out the rear pillars further out than any god ever intended.

And ungodly they truly are.

BMW 3 Series GT

So much so that, in a moment of uncharacteristic self-reflection and restraint, BMW will be axing the 3 Series GT. Officially it’s been phased into the 4 Series GC, but unofficially it’s being punted into the garbage bin of history, a malformed ode to too many offerings.

While BMW hasn’t made an official comment, they also haven’t denied that anyone owning the 3 Series GT should be kicked in the junk for enabling such an unfortunate design.

BMW 3 Series GT


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