Jaguar Land Rover to Drop the V8

The traditional icon of Indian automotive heritage, Jaguar (and corporate sibling under Tata Motors, Land Rover) will be phasing out V8 engines for future vehicles.

Reports have Jag revamping their entire line-up through 2024, with a focus on an all-new inline-six and inline-three on the way. Electric turbochargers will be bolted on, ensuring maximum power with minimum fuel consumption. These engines will presumably each have different tunings based on the application.

What’s not being planned, however, is development on a V8. Currently powering the SVR line of models to preposterous results, advancements in engineering, both internal combustion and electrical, sees large engines falling out of favor as prodigal-levels of power can come with lowered fuel consumption.

Jag IPace

It’s already been reported that JLR is pushing into the luxury electric vehicle world, their IPace offering a legitimate threat to Tesla’s market-dominating reign. That the use of electric components infiltrates the rest of their line-up seems obvious, with greater usage helps lower costs across the board.

This shouldn’t be of any real detriment to Jaguar, where the six-cylinder options are typically considered the better choice (as drivers realize balance is better than out-and-out performance.) Land Rover, on the other hand, remains a concern. These are, after all, vehicles known for their all-terrain prowess and off-roading capabilities.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

Nah, not really. The people who drive Land Rover are not the kinds of people who would ever dream of taking their vehicles off-road. Dirt is just so dirty, you know. Like poor people.


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