2019 BMW Z4 Unveiled: A Fun Toy(ota)

BMW has finally released official images of the upcoming Z4 roadster. The ‘proper’ unveiling is set for Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance at the end of the month, but in an effort to get ahead of leaked spy pics, they’ve released these pictures.

Offering few variations from the concept, the slightly-tweaked production model boasts an interior full of weight-adding tech, one of the biggest must-haves for those looking for a small droptop to toss around sunlit streets.

The instrument cluster is all digital, adding complexity over analog gauges, in the true spirit of the untarnished driving experience. It appears to be the same cluster as that other testament to straightforward driving purity, the 8 Series. The iDrive controller looks to be updated, giving you easy access to the number of controls you’d want from a stripped-down motoring experience.

Oh Wow, It's A Z4!

Sharing a platform with the upcoming Toyota Supra, the Z4 M40i will feature a 3.0-litre inline-six. A smaller 2.0-litre is expected to join the lineup at a later date. Specs will be announced at the official unveiling.

BMW first introduced the Z line in 1989 with the Z1. In typical BMW naming fashion, the next generation was the Z3, followed by four, soon to be five, generations of Z4. A Gran Coupe version should be announced shortly, followed by a limited edition Gran Tourismo model.

Something Something Z4!


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