Golf R Gets Colorful

Volkswagen is expanding the palette for their top-end Golf by introducing 40 custom color options. Known as the Volkswagen Spectrum Program, the options will be available for the forthcoming 2019 Golf R.

Though the Spectrum Program introduces some new hues to the VW lineup, Volkswagen also looked to their past for points of reference. From the MkIII Sirocco’s Viper Green Metallic to the Ginster Yellow of the 1997 GTI Driver’s Edition, these options tie the nameplates storied history with their most current engineering prowess.

2019 Golf R Color Chart

The imminent Golf R will come with 292hp and 280lb-ft of torque channeled through either their seven-speed DSG auto or, as the dark lord intended, a six-speed stick. Power is sent to all four wheels.

Slapping on a coat of the new colors will cost an additional $2500 and an extra two to four months in waiting time.

2019 Golf R Interior


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