2018 GT350 Gets No Upgrades

Suspiciously coinciding with Track Pants in a Coffee Shop Parking Lot Day, April 17th is also Mustang Day, for which Ford was reminded that they have new versions of both the GT350 and the GT350R to come out this year. Continue reading “2018 GT350 Gets No Upgrades”


2018 Mustang: Party Trick for Dumb People

Ford have unveiled a new feat of engineering on the upcoming refresh of the Mustang, a development that will shock the auto world and revolutionize the consumer vehicle market. Continue reading “2018 Mustang: Party Trick for Dumb People”

Ford to Prevent Being Found on Road Dead

While generally accepted that driving a Ford* is a less than ideal activity, it’s clear that dying beneath one is marginally worse. Thankfully the bozos at the Blue Oval are looking to prevent such ignominy with the advancement of their Pedestrian Detection system. Continue reading “Ford to Prevent Being Found on Road Dead”

2018 Expedition Goes On Tin Can Diet

Ford has released some info on the upcoming Ford Expedition. Joining the F150 in shedding some weight, it’s moving to an aluminum body, helping to cut 300lbs of weight.That means the new model will require an average Expedition owner in the driver seat to match the weight of the current model (body-shaming, oh yeah!) Continue reading “2018 Expedition Goes On Tin Can Diet”

Ford GT is Painfully Fast

I grew up in a General Motors town (not that one, not that one but that one); though I’m not loyal to the General I do have a healthy distaste toward Ford. It’s pretty easy: ignoring my own bias toward GM’s craptacular domestic products, Ford has never provided anything worth my interest. The F150 is made for me, as neither a contractor nor having a small penis; I’ve never possessed rohypnol, so the Mustang is out; I guess maybe the Focus could be interesting if I didn’t actually care about driving. Continue reading “Ford GT is Painfully Fast”