Mercedes-Maybach Go Questionable

Since making Maybach a sub-brand under their main brand, Mercedes haven’t really done much to capitalize on ultra-lux company. They have their Avengers-style task-force, the Maybach Music Group, promoting their brand of social order, but other than that, nada.

Maybe that’s been for the best.

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Toyota 860 Looks Faster, Isn’t

Toyota are releasing a GT86 variant know as the Toyota 860 Special Edition. Addressing the only real concern for the current GT86 (and it’s Subaru sibiling, the BRZ), namely it’s lack of power, Toyota’s bolted on some performance parts that are sure to add weight if not horsepower. Continue reading “Toyota 860 Looks Faster, Isn’t”

2018 Camry is…Exciting?

Ha, no, it’s not. But they’re certainly trying. Within a renewed commitment to build vehicles that offer more passion and performance, the breadwinner Camry is all-new for 2018. Having ingested enough coffee to keep from falling asleep while looking at the damn thing, the Toyota designers and engineers feel they have a winner. Continue reading “2018 Camry is…Exciting?”