Jaguar Invent Google Home

Jaguar, the once-British company known for building gorgeous cars that barely worked, than ugly cars that barely worked, to gorgeous cars that actually work, has announced that they’ve developed the steering wheel for the future.

They haven’t.

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Acura Continue Exercise in Futility

Remember Acura? They’re like Honda but more expensive but just as stupid. Whereas Honda seems to have embraced this whole ‘what a hyperactive child thinks future cars will look like’ design approach, Acura has doubled-down on their ‘how long can you look at it for’ styling. Continue reading “Acura Continue Exercise in Futility”

Genesis Offers Virtual Owner’s Manual

Over the years the increased complexity in auto engineering has drastically reduced the work an owner can perform themselves. The reliance on computers alone requires more specialized (and proprietary) equipment than you’re average home garage has.

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