Caddy Sticks to the CTs and XTs

Recent patent filings show that Cadillac plans on sticking with their current naming scheme. The current nomenclature was introduced by since-departed CEO Johan de Nysschen.

de Nysschen was the same brain-genius behind Infiniti’s Q and QX nameplates, a methodology he brought to Manhatten’s (nee Michigan) premier auto manufacturer, in the guise of the CT and XT signifiers, representing sedans and crossovers respectively (run on sentence, what.)

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Cadillac Refreshes XTS Without Making It Refreshing

The four-year-old Cadillac XTS is about to get an update for the 2018 model, though still no sails or paddles for this boat. Continue reading “Cadillac Refreshes XTS Without Making It Refreshing”