FCA to Pay Tesla to Avoid Paying Fines

Fiat has found a novel way to avoid paying some massive corporate fines in the EU. With the 2021 deadline looming for Europe’s push to cut down carbon emissions, Fiat finds itself unprepared to hit the new targets. This sets them up to pay billions if not for a partnership with Tesla.

The new carbon emission targets are set to be a 40% reduction on 2007 levels. For each gram of C02 produced, there will be a 95 euro fine, multiplied by the number of vehicles the manufacturer sells. Market-wide penalties are expected to hit $14 billion euros, with Fiat on track to face $2 billion euros in fees. Continue reading “FCA to Pay Tesla to Avoid Paying Fines”


EVW Beetle?

Volkswagen is trying to figure out what to do with their Beetle. While one of the lower-selling vehicles in their lineup, it seems that there’s a strong emotional attachment to what’s probably their most recognizable vehicle.

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White House Cuts Tax Credit to Credit Tax Cuts

Electric vehicles are just now starting to be viable. Range anxiety is finally be laid to rest as battery technology has increased maximum distance. While charging stations are still in short supply, EVs are capable city cars and will become proper touring vehicles in the near future.

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