FCA to Pay Tesla to Avoid Paying Fines

Fiat has found a novel way to avoid paying some massive corporate fines in the EU. With the 2021 deadline looming for Europe’s push to cut down carbon emissions, Fiat finds itself unprepared to hit the new targets. This sets them up to pay billions if not for a partnership with Tesla.

The new carbon emission targets are set to be a 40% reduction on 2007 levels. For each gram of C02 produced, there will be a 95 euro fine, multiplied by the number of vehicles the manufacturer sells. Market-wide penalties are expected to hit $14 billion euros, with Fiat on track to face $2 billion euros in fees. Continue reading “FCA to Pay Tesla to Avoid Paying Fines”


Tesla Travel Back to the Future

While officially unveiling the previously teased all-electric semi, Tesla shocked the room by all introducing their forth-coming update to their original vehicle, the Roadster.

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Tesla Model 3 Enters Production; Isn’t Late

It seems that Tesla has learned a few things about meeting deadlines. After the Model S had it’s production date pushed back repeatedly, to say nothing of the delays that plagued the Model X, Musk and Co seem to have gotten the hang of the manufacturing process.

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