Lexus Still Wants to Be Interesting

Lexus has long been an issue. For the longest time they were simply Toyotas for dicks who wanted people to know they were better than Toyotas. Then, they introduced that stupid-ass spindle front grill and the F performance line in an effort to appear more athletic.

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Something Something Toyota Sienna Something

Toyota is set to introduce the 2018 version of their Sienna minivan at the New York Auto Show next month. Anticipation builds.

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Toyota 860 Looks Faster, Isn’t

Toyota is releasing a GT86 variant know as the Toyota 860 Special Edition. Addressing the only real concern for the current GT86 (and it’s Subaru sibling, the BRZ), namely it’s lack of power, Toyota’s bolted on some performance parts that are sure to add weight if not horsepower. Continue reading “Toyota 860 Looks Faster, Isn’t”