Ford to Stop With the Cars. Unfortunately, Not the Trucks

I haven’t written about Ford lately, right? I don’t have a bad taste in my mouth, so probably not.

Anyway, it seems that Dearborn, MI-based auto manufacturer is dealing with some problems (that does sound familiar.) This time it’s based on lowered profits and decreased demand for their vehicles. Continue reading “Ford to Stop With the Cars. Unfortunately, Not the Trucks”


Shelby F-150 Super Insecurity Blanket

Shelby, the tuning house that gave us one of the all-time most gorgeous cars, the Shelby Cobra, is expanding upward. Taking their philosophy of dumping a big motor in a small car, they’re, uh,  dropping a big motor in a big truck.

Continue reading “Shelby F-150 Super Insecurity Blanket”

Ford to Prevent Being Found on Road Dead

While generally accepted that driving a Ford* is a less than ideal activity, it’s clear that dying beneath one is marginally worse. Thankfully the bozos at the Blue Oval are looking to prevent such ignominy with the advancement of their Pedestrian Detection system. Continue reading “Ford to Prevent Being Found on Road Dead”